Folk On The Lawn

"innovative folk for innovative folk"

Folk on the Lawn 2017 – our thanks

Aug 02

Another FotL over…and,
with each year, a broadening of quality, of innovative artistry.

Thanks to:

All those who performed. What an amazing bunch!

The family and staff of Abbey Mill, our hosts, who worked
tirelessly before, during and after the event

Sound: Tom Izett (River Stage; Resturant Stage on Thursday), Andy Ponsford (River Stage
and all audio recordings), Sean Townsend (Mill Stage), Anthony Challenger (Bar
Stage…with Lewis as assistant!)

Merchandise and donation collection: Val, Sue, Carroll, Jac,

Children’s area: Angela, Jenny and Val

MCs: Peter Gowen, John Sambrook and Nick Smith (and Nick for the website)

Official photographer/video: Steve Waller

Social media broadcasting: Jeff Japers

Lord of Misrule: Jon Airdrie.

Folk on the Lawn 2018

Next year’s FotL, all being well, with take place between
Thursday 19th, July and Sunday, 22nd July.

It will be a ‘pay what you think’ event.

We have literally hundreds of emails/social media contacts
from those wanting to perform. We just don’t have time to reply to everything
(We are ALL volunteers. We all have other jobs!). If you wish to perform, we

– Getting in touch via the email address
(i.e. not using social media)

– Emailing us yourselves. We tend not to pay
much/any attention to ‘management’ contact. It’s not what we’re about

– Remembering that FotL is not your ‘usual’
festival. We look for what’s innovative and challenging in general. We are,
also, not inclined towards ‘festival bands/acts’ but performers who exude



Thursday Night at Folk on the Lawn: Thursday, 13th July

May 10

For only the second year, we present an exclusive and intimate Thursday evening concert at Folk on the Lawn – a ‘double-header’ featuring:

Bina Williamson

Bina Williamson is an inspired and gifted singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. As many of you will know, she has been a professional performer for the last 20 years, working mainly as a duo with Robin Williamson (who has fore- fronted many genres and has a list of credits as long as your arm).

Folk on the Lawn’s guiding principle being ‘innovative folk for innovative folk’ and knowing the sort of music Bina is currently producing – a massively varied series of songs and tunes, drawing on influences from the doorstep to influences afar – it seemed utterly apposite to allow your ears to behold it! We must add, also, that Bina’s ‘genuineness’ or ‘authenticity’ makes each of her performances intimate, warm…therapeutic even.

Bina will be accompanied by the legendary Robin at Folk on the Lawn.

Photograph: Marc Roberts

Keith Christmas

‘A powerful and impassioned album by a ’60s survivor with a bellyful of righteous fire’ – Steve Hunt – fRoots Magazine

‘Raspy cult folkie Christmas returns with this open-tuned emotional outpouring – autobiographical, political, haunting – and it’s his finest since the ’70s’ – Mojo Magazine

Keith Christmas has had a rich life within music: from playing the acoustic guitar on David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity‘ album, playing many of the early Glastonbury festivals, touring with King Crimson and Ten Years After, recording Stories from the Human Zoo in Los Angeles and playing with blues band, The Weathermen.

His 1970s classic, Brighter Day, was – and remains – critically acclaimed… and we would commend it to you.

It is in two periods of transition in Keith’s writing and performance that we at FotL were interested in especially, however. Both of these involved Keith finding himself writing ‘a different kind of acoustic material’ (mid-90s) and, most pertinently, ‘a whole new way of writing, playing guitar and singing’ (2015). Some of us heard the fruit of the latter. We were most impressed, as were the reviewers (above). Rather than an artist settling into a satisfied dotage – which Keith would have every right to do – this was charged work.

Keith will perform the whole of Crazy Dancing Days, the fruit of the 2015 enlightenment, on the Thursday evening.


Advance tickets for this exclusive event are available by contacting . They are priced at £10. Door pricing with be £12.

Entry will be from 7.30pm with the concert beginning at 8pm.

2017 line-up announced!

Mar 12

Head over to the line-up page to see what’s in store at this year’s festival… and check out the poster below!



Folk on the Lawn 2017

Oct 16

Advance notice: Folk on the Lawn is due to take place from Thursday, 13th July (with an evening event starting at around 8pm) to Sunday, 16th July (Where we shut down around 5pm). We’ll be, as always, in the beautiful grounds of Abbey Mill, Tintern, south east Wales.

Please contact us via the info@ email address if you’d like more information or the play@ email address if you’d like to play. We’re all volunteers at FotL, so don’t be too frustrated if you get a reply outrageously late!

FotL 2016 – Thanks

Aug 08

Folk on the Lawn 2016 – Thanks

The feedback we had was that FotL 2016 was, as we anticipated, probably – overall – the best yet.

A large bunch of people contributed to the event which represents, for some of the team, a whole year of planning and preparation.

River Stage

Tom – who had oversight of all sound matters and also donated a wealth of equipment which allowed us, with Tom’s skill, the best sound we’ve ever had at the event (out front and on stage)

Andy – who also sourced and repaired equipment prior to FotL and made excellent sound recordings of much of what happened

Peter Gowen – the irrepressible master of ceremonies and the FotL bard

John Sambrook – DJ extraordinaire and the other MC

Mill Stage

Sean – who came intending to spectate and ended up with 24 hours mixing duties!

Jon M – performer AND sound person

Nick Smith – not only an MC on this stage but someone who set up and manages both the website and the FB pages

Bar Stage

Anthony and Craig – spent hours and hours in the dark heat of the bar, producing an excellent sound in these tricky conditions

Merchandise stall

Val – not only the person behind setting up the whole merchandise section, the banners, the raffle, the wristband sales – year after year – but the person behind the advent and organisation of the first ‘Thursday Night at FotL’ event we had this year

Many people mucked in with sales, etc.: Sue, Carroll, Pete, Caroline, Rob, Jac (who also taxied performers to/from various transport hubs and their hotels) and probably a number of others whom we will have failed to mention

Joan – (1922 – 2016). Joan was present for the whole four days of FotL on the merchandise stall, as she has helped over most years since the festival’s incept. Very sadly, she passed away – suddenly and unexpectedly – less than a week later. Joan was not only a FotL regular but Val’s and Rob’s mum…and related to many in the team. We write this with a heavy heart.

Children’s Area

Sam and Rachel created, once again, a fabulous free play area – as they managed to do even in 2014, when combining FotL with their wedding

Mo – face and body artist supreme!

Harry, Merlyn and Zosia – raffle and donation wristband child wizards

Abbey Mill

Shelley, Chris, their family and the AM staff worked tirelessly – often from early morning one day until just a little later in the morning the next – and always with goodwill and helpfulness. It is due to their initial and ongoing generosity and tolerance that FotL exists at all

The Lord of Misrule

Jon A – who set up FotL and who manages not to disturb too much the skill and industry of everyone else.

Pics – a first batch of photos can be found here: Many more – and some video clips – to follow.


Thursday night at Folk on the Lawn – Robin and Bina Williamson

May 11

This year, for the first time, we are kicking off the weekend a day earlier, Thursday 21st July, to accommodate some very special guests.

We are delighted to welcome Robin and Bina Williamson, who will be supported by both Avital Raz and Pamela Wyn Shannon.  The evening will begin at 7.30pm.

Tickets will be priced at £10 with VERY limited availability.  We suggest, strongly, that tickets are purchased in advance.  To do so, email with the number of tickets you would like to purchase and we will get back to you with more information.

New acts

May 03

We’ve announced a whole new host of acts. Head over to the line-up page to spot the additions, and see our updated poster below…


First acts announced!

Feb 28

Our first post in relation to FOTL 2016, and it’s to announce our first lot of acts. Head over to the line-up page to see what you have to look forward to!

Technical problems

Jul 25

Hello everyone.

Just to let you know we’ve had some technical problems with emails, so if you’ve emailed us and you’re awaiting a reply, please be assured we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you for your patience!