Folk On The Lawn

"innovative folk for innovative folk"

Your safety / Saturday night session

Jul 04

The safety of our attendees and performers is paramount. Please see this page to learn what we are doing to keep you safe and meet government guidelines during this year’s festival.

On a separate note, Matt and Freya, who run the Tintern Folk Session, will be hosting a ‘special edition’ of the session in front the Mill Stage at 11pm on the Saturday night. All welcome. (Please maintain a 2m social distance with those not within your ‘group of six’.)

Payments at FotL

Jul 03

A reminder from our hosts, Abbey Mill Wye Valley Centre – and something relevant to us also: card payments are not always easy outside the formal dining facilities due to frequent internet issues, so do bring some cash (Helpful for the famous FotL raffles, the merchandise stall, etc., also).

See also the post below regarding how you can donate to FotL ahead of arrival, if you wish.

Supporting Folk on the Lawn

Jun 17

Folk On The Lawn is a not-for-profit festival run by volunteers, with all donations shared amongst the artists.

We do not provide tickets in advance, but donations have always been encouraged on the weekend itself in exchange for a wristband. The wristband is not required to enter the event or stay on site, but shows that you have donated and supported the festival.

For the first time this year, to limit close contact we are encouraging donations in advance through this funding page. We will keep a note of your details and provide you with a special wristband on arrival at the festival to show that you have donated in advance.

Alex Coxhead / Barry Sidings

Apr 02

Hugely sad news to report – from the Gaudy Orde Facebook page: ‘I am very sad to tell you that Alex Coxhead aka Barry Sidings passed away this week. He brought great energy and enthusiasm to the band and will be greatly missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Love Jeff xxx’

Alex/Barry was a mainstay in a band that played many times at FotL. He adopted a powerful, driving stage persona and, off stage, was a hugely likeable and solid individual.

Folk on the Lawn 2021

Mar 09

Just to let you know that we plan to go ahead with FotL 2021: 15th – 18th July. We have various plans. Plan A involves running as close to normal as the restrictions in place at the time allow. Plans B onwards involve various broadcast options.

We have, as always, a varied, exciting line-up…of which we will inform you as the spring rolls in.

Fiona Angwin

Nov 06

It is with great sadness that we learnt, earlier this week, of the passing of Fiona (Fi) Angwin.

Fi described herself as ‘a yarn spinner (which was her chosen moniker), a storyteller and puppeteer’. She was much more than that: a true creative spirit, drawing together an immense imagination with thorough, grounded organisational abilities and with an awareness of the wider oral tradition, putting on performances at Folk on the Lawn that intrigued and entertained children and adults alike. We know that families came to the FotL weekend with Fi as the single draw.

She worked in diverse venues: schools, theatres, castles, forests, country parks…and festivals.

Fi was an author – prolifically so – with her latest work, Hunted By Demons, published just a year ago.

Her acting work was highly regarded and led to many long-term friendships.

We will miss her greatly, not solely her artistry but her enthusiasm and her warmth. She was due to perform at FotL this year. Typical of Fi and the thought and commitment she gave to all that she was involved in, the types of performance – she performed various self-created, detailed fantasy escapades, taking on a variety of roles – and when they may take place – were being discussed and debated with us months before the festival weekend.

In memory of Sean

Oct 11

We have some very sad news indeed for all who have been to FotL. Sean, who was the sound engineer on the mill stage over many years, passed away on Thursday.

His reliability, attention to detail, heart-felt enthusiasm for music and commitment to all projects tying in with his refined taste will be missed, massively.

Sean was not only a fine sound engineer but an extremely talented musician, playing with a number of bands, notably keyboards with The Shelleys (seen here), but – as those who were part of the late night sessions last year will attest – he was also a more than able guitarist, bassist, saxophone player and harmonica player. From the very start of his involvement with FotL, he was also willing to sit in with bands. Here he is performing with Dennis Remme in 2013.

Sean will be hugely missed by the whole FotL team. We all need to assimilate his loss to his family, friends and the many musical allies and partners he made over the years

FotL 2020 cancelled

Jun 19

We have left it to the very last minute – figuratively – but it is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the cancellation of Folk on the Lawn 2020.

We’ve waited until the last vestiges of hope have disappeared, thinking that something may be possible, but, while the Welsh Government has relaxed lockdown restrictions to a degree, we are still far away from being able to offer even a scaled down, physically distanced, gathering.

We do apologise to all who have made arrangements to come to Tintern in July – both performers and audience. We would hope that a stay in our most glorious, most inspirational of settings may still be possible for some. It may lift you…and it would aid the many small businesses here who have been adversely affected due to lockdown.

Our plan is to, as far as possible, move this year’s event (Actually, we have concrete plans to make it even better!) to July 15th – 18th, 2021.

As usual, updates of progress/general information will be found on this website, our Facebook page and via Twitter.

FotL 2020 update

Mar 23

We hope everyone is okay, and keeping themselves and others so.

Just to give you an update regarding our thinking for this year’s Folk on the Lawn.

Presently, we have no plans to cancel or postpone Folk on the Lawn 2020. The current situation may have changed by mid-July. We will follow advice and guidance nearer – and at – the time with regard to continuing and/or taking any measures we would have to take to keep everyone safe.

If – and as soon as – it appears that we probably won’t be able to go ahead, we will make everyone aware of this, and look for an alternative date or for an alternative means of having ‘an event’ of some sort.

Keep safe, everyone, and look to take advantage of the hiatus from normal life that this unfortunate turn of events has provided.

Our thanks… and a forward look to next year!

Jul 29

Well, Folk on the Lawn 2019 is over. Another diverse, fascinating sunny weekend.

There are many people without whom Folk on the Lawn simply wouldn’t happen. So, in no particular order (remember, no main stages and no headline acts at FotL!):

The artists. They came from far (some very far) and wide and gave us splendid performances, joining in with the spirit of the event

The audience. You were amazing. We ranted on about the need to make a donation in return for a wristband. That’s the main way we can make even a gesture of thanks to those who performed. By Sunday, there were hardly any bare wrists to be seen. Huge thanks here, also, to the volunteers who went round the Lawn encouraging people to part with (paper) money to gain these wristbands

The sound. On the River Stage, Tom Izett; on the Mill Stage, Sean Townsend; on the Bar Stage, various engineers took on shifts: Jon Matthews, Stephen Shelley and Mark Jefferis; on the Filling Station Stage, Andy Langton

The stage announcements. On the River Stage, the incomparable John Sambrook and the quick-learning newbie, Pete Banks; on the Mill Stage, the assured Nick Smith; on the Bar Stage, both sound engineers and Pete Banks multi-tasked, as did Andy Langton on the Filling Station Stage

The stall holders and craft shops: a real range this year, including a lovely musical instrument stall! We hope to see many (all) of them again next year
The merchandise stall. So many took a hand here. Val (who also spent a considerable number of days before the festival in sorting out signage, raffle prizes, CDs, bunting, etc., etc.), Sue and Carroll

The Children’s Area: Emily, Sally, Jac and Joe

The recordings: many who attended FotL would have seen, for sale, ‘the best bits’ CDs from many Folk on the Lawn events. Those of you who purchased one will attest to the outstanding quality of the stage recordings. Andy Ponsford makes these during the festival and then twelve months adjusting mixes. Presently these are available at FotL only, though maybe in the future we can make them more accessible (with artists’ permission)

Certainly not least!!!: Shelley and Chris, their (large) extended family and all the staff at Abbey Mill.

We are already preparing for FotL 2020 which will take place from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th July.