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2017 line-up announced!

Mar 12

Head over to the line-up page to see what’s in store at this year’s festival… and check out the poster below!



Folk on the Lawn 2017

Oct 16

Advance notice: Folk on the Lawn is due to take place from Thursday, 13th July (with an evening event starting at around 8pm) to Sunday, 16th July (Where we shut down around 5pm). We’ll be, as always, in the beautiful grounds of Abbey Mill, Tintern, south east Wales.

Please contact us via the info@ email address if you’d like more information or the play@ email address if you’d like to play. We’re all volunteers at FotL, so don’t be too frustrated if you get a reply outrageously late!

FotL 2016 – Thanks

Aug 08

Folk on the Lawn 2016 – Thanks

The feedback we had was that FotL 2016 was, as we anticipated, probably – overall – the best yet.

A large bunch of people contributed to the event which represents, for some of the team, a whole year of planning and preparation.

River Stage

Tom – who had oversight of all sound matters and also donated a wealth of equipment which allowed us, with Tom’s skill, the best sound we’ve ever had at the event (out front and on stage)

Andy – who also sourced and repaired equipment prior to FotL and made excellent sound recordings of much of what happened

Peter Gowen – the irrepressible master of ceremonies and the FotL bard

John Sambrook – DJ extraordinaire and the other MC

Mill Stage

Sean – who came intending to spectate and ended up with 24 hours mixing duties!

Jon M – performer AND sound person

Nick Smith – not only an MC on this stage but someone who set up and manages both the website and the FB pages

Bar Stage

Anthony and Craig – spent hours and hours in the dark heat of the bar, producing an excellent sound in these tricky conditions

Merchandise stall

Val – not only the person behind setting up the whole merchandise section, the banners, the raffle, the wristband sales – year after year – but the person behind the advent and organisation of the first ‘Thursday Night at FotL’ event we had this year

Many people mucked in with sales, etc.: Sue, Carroll, Pete, Caroline, Rob, Jac (who also taxied performers to/from various transport hubs and their hotels) and probably a number of others whom we will have failed to mention

Joan – (1922 – 2016). Joan was present for the whole four days of FotL on the merchandise stall, as she has helped over most years since the festival’s incept. Very sadly, she passed away – suddenly and unexpectedly – less than a week later. Joan was not only a FotL regular but Val’s and Rob’s mum…and related to many in the team. We write this with a heavy heart.

Children’s Area

Sam and Rachel created, once again, a fabulous free play area – as they managed to do even in 2014, when combining FotL with their wedding

Mo – face and body artist supreme!

Harry, Merlyn and Zosia – raffle and donation wristband child wizards

Abbey Mill

Shelley, Chris, their family and the AM staff worked tirelessly – often from early morning one day until just a little later in the morning the next – and always with goodwill and helpfulness. It is due to their initial and ongoing generosity and tolerance that FotL exists at all

The Lord of Misrule

Jon A – who set up FotL and who manages not to disturb too much the skill and industry of everyone else.

Pics – a first batch of photos can be found here: Many more – and some video clips – to follow.


Thursday night at Folk on the Lawn – Robin and Bina Williamson

May 11

This year, for the first time, we are kicking off the weekend a day earlier, Thursday 21st July, to accommodate some very special guests.

We are delighted to welcome Robin and Bina Williamson, who will be supported by both Avital Raz and Pamela Wyn Shannon.  The evening will begin at 7.30pm.

Tickets will be priced at £10 with VERY limited availability.  We suggest, strongly, that tickets are purchased in advance.  To do so, email with the number of tickets you would like to purchase and we will get back to you with more information.

New acts

May 03

We’ve announced a whole new host of acts. Head over to the line-up page to spot the additions, and see our updated poster below…


First acts announced!

Feb 28

Our first post in relation to FOTL 2016, and it’s to announce our first lot of acts. Head over to the line-up page to see what you have to look forward to!

Technical problems

Jul 25

Hello everyone.

Just to let you know we’ve had some technical problems with emails, so if you’ve emailed us and you’re awaiting a reply, please be assured we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you!

Jul 15

Thanks to:

You, who came along – some of you from as far away as Denmark; some from just along the river bank

The playing folk: perhaps the finest array of these ever seen and heard on the lawn

The sound folk: Mike, John and Rhys (River Stage – Saturday and Sunday, daytime); Tom (River Stage – Friday and Saturday nights and Mill Stage – Saturday and Sunday daytime: became known as Tireless Tom); Anthony and his Dad (Bar Stage through the whole weekend)

The folkster who recorded it all in history (as well as doing most/all of the above and below): Andy

The talking folk: Peter Gowen, John Sambrook and Nick Smith

The digital folkster king of web-land: Nick Smith

The dexterous folk-makers of soft and also printed things: Ceinwen and Mike

The folk who peopled stalls, sourced materials, raised funds and had a folky oversight that many of us found lacking: Val, Sue, Carroll, Caroline, Pete, Jac and Em

Those that kept the little folk happy in the children’s area: Rachel, Sam, Joe and Kas

The folk tattooist: Maureen

The (early?) morning folk-giver of caffeine and beans to the crew: Lyn

The tylwyth teg of the raffle: Harry, Merlin and Zosia

The folk who lugged, sweated and drove their folk-vehicles, before and after, with large, heavy boxes and with strange and huge soundcones: Jem and Jac

The folk who – so generously – laid out the lawn, erected the stages, fed and watered the visiting folk and allowed the event to happen: Shelley, Chris and family, together with all the kind and lovely folkster staff at Abbey Mill

(Ed: And thanks to founder folk Jon, who was very quick to draft the above thanking everyone else, but without whom we wouldn’t have Folk on the Lawn… Diolch Jon!)

The day is finally here! So here are some top tips…

Jul 10

FOTL 2015 will get underway at around 7pm this evening.  The weather looks great so we’ll undoubtedly be outside on the River Stage!

To prepare you for the weekend here are a few tips…

1. Bring cash!  There is no cashpoint in Tintern, and in general it’s not possible to pay by card.  As well as donations which will all go towards paying the artists, there’ll be a stall selling FOTL t-shirts and artists’ CDs and merchandise, not to mention food stalls and – last but certainly not least - the bar!  If you forget to get cash before you leave, the nearest cashpoint is in Chepstow.

2. Please park away from the festival site.  The car park at the Abbey Mill is incredibly small and simply won’t cater for everyone who wants to visit the festival.  There is a large car park located a few minutes walk away – take the turning opposite the Abbey Mill (past the Royal George hotel) and follow the signs.  This will allow our less mobile visitors to use the few spaces on site.

3. Explore and enjoy!  We have three stages at FOTL offering a wide range of music, poetry and more, so there is something to suit everyone – and the children are catered for too with their own activity tent.  And if you still want more once things draw to a close on Saturday night head down the road to the Rose & Crown for the fringe session – not to be missed!