Folk On The Lawn

"innovative folk for innovative folk"

   Jul 07

Almost there

Many of us spent Sunday 6th at Abbey Mill, sorting out and testing out every piece of equipment. The stages were being assembled; the hay bails have arrived. Can’t wait!

A few things:

* While we have been told that most/all of the local campsites are full, FotL can itself let out spaces in the (largish) garden of the cottage opposite Abbey Mill. Furthermore, we know that various farmers/landowners tend to open fields, etc, so don’t be put off. You will find somewhere!

* It was good to receive news, yesterday, of the success of someone who appeared at FotL a couple of years ago – harpist Gwen Mairi has been nominated, as part of the ’10 Mewn Bws’ project, for a UK lottery award – the only Welsh project and the only music project

* Remember we will have an earlier than normal start on all three days this year – 7pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday and Sunday.