Folk On The Lawn

"innovative folk for innovative folk"

   Nov 06

Fiona Angwin

It is with great sadness that we learnt, earlier this week, of the passing of Fiona (Fi) Angwin.

Fi described herself as ‘a yarn spinner (which was her chosen moniker), a storyteller and puppeteer’. She was much more than that: a true creative spirit, drawing together an immense imagination with thorough, grounded organisational abilities and with an awareness of the wider oral tradition, putting on performances at Folk on the Lawn that intrigued and entertained children and adults alike. We know that families came to the FotL weekend with Fi as the single draw.

She worked in diverse venues: schools, theatres, castles, forests, country parks…and festivals.

Fi was an author – prolifically so – with her latest work, Hunted By Demons, published just a year ago.

Her acting work was highly regarded and led to many long-term friendships.

We will miss her greatly, not solely her artistry but her enthusiasm and her warmth. She was due to perform at FotL this year. Typical of Fi and the thought and commitment she gave to all that she was involved in, the types of performance – she performed various self-created, detailed fantasy escapades, taking on a variety of roles – and when they may take place – were being discussed and debated with us months before the festival weekend.