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   Aug 08

FotL 2016 – Thanks

Folk on the Lawn 2016 – Thanks

The feedback we had was that FotL 2016 was, as we anticipated, probably – overall – the best yet.

A large bunch of people contributed to the event which represents, for some of the team, a whole year of planning and preparation.

River Stage

Tom – who had oversight of all sound matters and also donated a wealth of equipment which allowed us, with Tom’s skill, the best sound we’ve ever had at the event (out front and on stage)

Andy – who also sourced and repaired equipment prior to FotL and made excellent sound recordings of much of what happened

Peter Gowen – the irrepressible master of ceremonies and the FotL bard

John Sambrook – DJ extraordinaire and the other MC

Mill Stage

Sean – who came intending to spectate and ended up with 24 hours mixing duties!

Jon M – performer AND sound person

Nick Smith – not only an MC on this stage but someone who set up and manages both the website and the FB pages

Bar Stage

Anthony and Craig – spent hours and hours in the dark heat of the bar, producing an excellent sound in these tricky conditions

Merchandise stall

Val – not only the person behind setting up the whole merchandise section, the banners, the raffle, the wristband sales – year after year – but the person behind the advent and organisation of the first ‘Thursday Night at FotL’ event we had this year

Many people mucked in with sales, etc.: Sue, Carroll, Pete, Caroline, Rob, Jac (who also taxied performers to/from various transport hubs and their hotels) and probably a number of others whom we will have failed to mention

Joan – (1922 – 2016). Joan was present for the whole four days of FotL on the merchandise stall, as she has helped over most years since the festival’s incept. Very sadly, she passed away – suddenly and unexpectedly – less than a week later. Joan was not only a FotL regular but Val’s and Rob’s mum…and related to many in the team. We write this with a heavy heart.

Children’s Area

Sam and Rachel created, once again, a fabulous free play area – as they managed to do even in 2014, when combining FotL with their wedding

Mo – face and body artist supreme!

Harry, Merlyn and Zosia – raffle and donation wristband child wizards

Abbey Mill

Shelley, Chris, their family and the AM staff worked tirelessly – often from early morning one day until just a little later in the morning the next – and always with goodwill and helpfulness. It is due to their initial and ongoing generosity and tolerance that FotL exists at all

The Lord of Misrule

Jon A – who set up FotL and who manages not to disturb too much the skill and industry of everyone else.

Pics – a first batch of photos can be found here: Many more – and some video clips – to follow.