Folk On The Lawn

"innovative folk for innovative folk"

   Jul 15

Thank you!

Thanks to:

You, who came along – some of you from as far away as Denmark; some from just along the river bank

The playing folk: perhaps the finest array of these ever seen and heard on the lawn

The sound folk: Mike, John and Rhys (River Stage – Saturday and Sunday, daytime); Tom (River Stage – Friday and Saturday nights and Mill Stage – Saturday and Sunday daytime: became known as Tireless Tom); Anthony and his Dad (Bar Stage through the whole weekend)

The folkster who recorded it all in history (as well as doing most/all of the above and below): Andy

The talking folk: Peter Gowen, John Sambrook and Nick Smith

The digital folkster king of web-land: Nick Smith

The dexterous folk-makers of soft and also printed things: Ceinwen and Mike

The folk who peopled stalls, sourced materials, raised funds and had a folky oversight that many of us found lacking: Val, Sue, Carroll, Caroline, Pete, Jac and Em

Those that kept the little folk happy in the children’s area: Rachel, Sam, Joe and Kas

The folk tattooist: Maureen

The (early?) morning folk-giver of caffeine and beans to the crew: Lyn

The tylwyth teg of the raffle: Harry, Merlin and Zosia

The folk who lugged, sweated and drove their folk-vehicles, before and after, with large, heavy boxes and with strange and huge soundcones: Jem and Jac

The folk who – so generously – laid out the lawn, erected the stages, fed and watered the visiting folk and allowed the event to happen: Shelley, Chris and family, together with all the kind and lovely folkster staff at Abbey Mill

(Ed: And thanks to founder folk Jon, who was very quick to draft the above thanking everyone else, but without whom we wouldn’t have Folk on the Lawn… Diolch Jon!)